1.    consulting an planning work                                                                 Öffnet den gewünschten Link in bestehendem FensterReferences

a.    Planning, tendering and budgeting for assembly

b.  Technical support

c.    Creating inspections plans for high quality materials

d.    Drawing up technical studies (feasibility studies)

e.  Themal and procedural design and calculations

f.      Procedural optimisation and commissioning

g. Claim Management


2.    Inspection and monitoring                                                                  Öffnet den gewünschten Link in bestehendem FensterReferences

a.    Technical monitoring and co-ordination of engineering and planning projects in power engineering

b.    Construction management domestically and abroad

c.    Monitoring assembly and manufacturing domestically and abroad

d.    Monitoring assembly in the plastics sector (PP, PE, PVC, etc.)


3.    Service and deliveries                                                                            Öffnet den gewünschten Link in bestehendem FensterReferences

a.    Inspections for required spare parts

b.    Organising repairs for equipment and system parts

c.    Adjustment work for equipment

d.    Spare parts management


4.    Assembly                                                                                               Öffnet den gewünschten Link in bestehendem Fenster References

a.    Assembling for required spare parts

b.    One-to-one replacement of systems and components

c.    Dismantling and assembling pressure parts

d.    Dismantling and assembling pipework, tanks, etc.

e.    Dismantling and assembly in the plastic sector (PP,PE,PVC etc.)

f.      General dismantling and assembly

5.    Steel structures                                                                                      Öffnet den gewünschten Link in bestehendem FensterReferences

a.    Railings, fences, awnings, conservatories and portal construction of normal and stainless steel

b.    Hall construction including required facade construction

c.    Special structures sach as pools, stainless steel and glass facades, composite facades

d.    Loft conversions

e.    Restoration of old fences, portals, structures and other items made of metal or metal/glass

f.      Required drawings, calculations and structural analyses

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